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How long will the project take?
Project can be as small as a few hours to two weeks depending on the modality, contact us and we can narrow down the timeline.

Who will do the packaging and moving of the equipment?
We have a full staff of trained employees to package and crate the system. We have made an alliance with a National moving company that will handle all over the road moves, if the system is staying in the facility our trained employees will handle the on site move.

Who can help with a room design?
Our trained staff includes two employees that have a combined experience of 30 years that will help you with any and all of on site questions.

Are you insured?
Yes, our insurance company holds an A rating.

How many days notice do you need to engage into a project?
48 hours is typically enough time.

We are upgrading our department and have nowhere to dispose of the old equipment?
We can assist with getting rid of the old equipment by contacting our non-American sales team and finding a potential buyer from outside of the United States. If there is no buyer available we can transport to a salvage yard. Or make arrangements for disposal.

How far will you travel?
Coast to coast- North, South, East or West.

Will you work weekends or nights?
Yes, to keep as little disruption as possible.

I am a Veterinarian and do not want to buy a brand new system can you help me find a slightly used system?
Yes, we can help locate a system that will fit your budget.

We have a dental unit that is not being used, what can we do with it?
BLC has made an alliance with one of the largest Dental Equipment Refurbishment companies, we can deinstall your equipment and Healthcare associates will possibly buy your used equipment.

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