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Who uses Big Lake contracting? Medical Professionals all over the United States including: Universities, Hospitals, Doctor, Veterinarian or Dentist Offices, any facility that uses medical equipment to better see and diagnose problems with more accuracy.

What we do for our clients includes site planning and consulting, equipment installation and removal, project management, preventative maintenance and equipment service. We will assist you with the planning of new room renovations, blue prints, and ordering the appropriate equipment to fit your needs. We are capable of executing room renovation and installation. With our highly trained and efficient teams, no project is too large or too small.

Big Lake Contracting delivers and installs high quality medical equipment on time and in budget. After discussing your project we’ll put together a quote with an exact price and have it returned to you within 24 hours. All pricing is good for 6 months.

Big Lake Contracting is situated between the East and West Coast in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our Midwest location allows us to take advantage of the right shipping method to transport and install your equipment cost effectively and on time.

To discover who we are, click on the about us link. There you’ll see who’s behind Big Lake Contracting. If you’re ready to move, call our offices a 616-540-8403, we’ll be glad to answer any of your questions.

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Big Lake Contracting, LLC
5203 Nestrom Rd.
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Phone: (616) 540-8403